Weekly Shopping Flyer (PDF)

COVID-19 Shopping Information

So you’re going to the woods? Think you need to shop before you leave home? Not so…

Making sure you have enough food, ice and drinks for the “long weekend” can be more challenging than getting everyone into the car.

Not to worry, there is a 16,000 square foot Hannaford Supermarket at Indian Hill, which includes an agency liquor store, an impressive wine selection, baked goods, cold drinks, beer cave, fresh produce, and a full service meat and deli department.

Indian Hill Supermarket is truly a full service supermarket and a Hannaford Franchise. We have an extensive selection of groceries and dry goods. We have an organic section, many specialty items, Maine Made items, as well as all the things you expect to find in a supermarket.

Our prices will pleasantly surprise you as well. We consider ourselves the Shopping Gateway to the Great North Woods.

Customer service at Indian Hill Supermarket is second to none. If you need a special order or don’t see what you need, please ask. We will be glad to try to fill your order. If you are short of time when passing through to your destination or have special needs like coolers and ice to pack perishables in let us know! We also work with the local flying services to fly orders to remote destinations.


Our deli is fully stocked and fresh! We have everything from German Bologna & New York Pastrami to Prosciutto and everything in between. Our cheese selection is impressive as well, from American & Blue to Imported Smoked Swiss we have it all.

Fresh salads and sandwiches are made daily and we will make sandwiches for you while you shop. Party platters and finger sandwiches are no problem, just give a few hours notice and we can have the food you need for any occasion ready for you.

Don’t feel like cooking? No problem we sell hot fresh rotisserie chickens and pizzas. You will find all the fixins from potato salad and coleslaw to pudding and pies. Just because you are not on the coast doesn’t mean you can forget live Maine Lobster!

Produce Department

Here at Indian Hill, we support our local farms by selling many of the items they grow. We sell potatoes, corn, berries, beans and much more all grown locally and offer when it’s in season. We strive to have fresh quality produce in the case at all times of the year. We can also prepare great veggie trays and platters for any occasion. Give us a couple hours notice and we will have one ready for you.

Meat Department

Our meat department is outstanding. We cut our meat fresh every day. From hamburg to ribeye steaks to crown roasts it is always fresh and priced right. Customer service is our speciality. If you need a special cut or larger order tell us. We will gladly prepare it for you while you shop. (large orders may require some lead time) We have a good selection of pork, red meat, chicken, and fish. If you can’t find what you want tell us! Watch our weekly ads for super deals.


Our fresh baked breads and other goodies are great! Try our famous Bacon, Egg and Cheese bread or make a mouth-watering sandwich with our bulky rolls and fresh deli meats and cheeses. We have fresh baked Artisan Breads & French Baguettes. As with all our departments, if you don’t see what you want let us know! We have fresh pies and cakes as well as other treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.