The History Behind the Trading Post

Famous Indian Hill SignIndian Hill and the Muzzy family have been synonymous for many years. The Muzzy’s had run a large dairy farm as well as cabins and a motel which both went by the name of Indian Hill for many years before starting the Indian Hill Trading Post in 1978. The Muzzy’s successfully operated the small store with several additions and changes until 1982 when they sold the growing business to J.M. Goodwin.
In 1982, Indian Hill Trading Post was approximately 4,500 sq ft. That same year an addition was put on and the state liquor store was moved to the end of the building. Mr. Goodwin operated the store for about one year. In 1983 the Trading Post was sold to Stuart & Lea Watt. Lea had been employed by Indian Hill Trading Post since 1978. After much planning, many meetings, and a lot of help Stuart and Lea Watt became the owners of Indian Hill Trading Post in the spring of 1983.

The Watt’s operated the store in much the same fashion as the previous owners, trying to specialize in customer service and fulfill the needs of a growing community. The merchandise selection at the trading post seemed to change and expand all the time, eventually leading to the need for more space.

In 1986, an 8,800 sq ft addition was added to the existing building . This addition was devoted to groceries and the old building expanded into more sporting goods and giftware merchandise. In 1988, Indian Hill Trading Post started an affiliation with Willey’s style center, in Ellsworth, and began selling name brand fashions.

The success of the Willey’s style center and growing sporting goods business lead to the next major expansion. In 1990, 12,000 sq ft were added to accommodate the upper and lower levels that are seen in the store today. In 1994, 7,000 sq ft were added to the supermarket to enable it to broaden it’s selection and offerings. These additions made the entire store over 35,000 sq ft.

With the help of many dedicated employees Indian Hill Trading Post and Shop’n Save has continued to grow and expand its offerings and products. Some of our employees have been with us for over 30 years. For 37 years the Watt family has tried to offer the best selection of goods and services possible to the Moosehead Region. It has also been an important goal to make the Trading Post and Supermarket a good place to work. We offer health insurance, retirement benefits, and paid time off to our employees. We are also proud to offer several scholarships to our local high school graduates as well as the support we give to many organizations and events in the Moosehead Region.

Please stop by and visit. Take a look around and see the variety of merchandise we can offer in 35,000 sq ft.