“The smell of pine trees, the campfire glowing, the marshmallows cooking, and the breath of crisp cool air are some great things I like about camping but my favorite one of all is camping underneath the stars with lights so brilliant it brightens up the deep blue sky making you feel a sense of peace and tranquility amid the great outdoors”

~Author Unknown

Today, camping includes more than just buying a tent. You have to think about tents, sleeping bags, cookware, stoves, coolers, sleeping pads, hiking boots and outerwear.

At Indian Hill we carry everything you need to make your next camping trip comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

And for those weekends that “Mother Nature” is not cooperating, we have the proven outerwear and footwear to keep you warm and dry.

Today’s campers have a range of comforts available to them, whether their shelter is a tent or a recreational vehicle. Those choosing to camp closer to their car (“car camping”) with a tent may have access to portable hot water, tent interior lighting and fans, and other technological changes to camping gear. For those camping in recreational vehicles (RVs), options may include air conditioning, bathrooms, kitchens, showers, and home theater systems.

Tent camping sites often cost less than campsites with full amenities, and most allow direct access by car. Some “walk-in” sites lie a short walk away from the nearest road, but do not require full backpacking equipment. Those who seek a rugged experience in the outdoors prefer to camp with only tents, or with no shelter at all (“under the stars”).

Indian Hill Trading Post is equipped with anything you might need for your next camping trip. Stop by today and see our large selection. We have new items arriving daily.


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Indian Hill Trading Post carries tents for every need. If you are backpacking or biking we carry ultralite tents. If you have a family of six, we can accommodate you as well. Coleman, Eureka and many other brands are in stock.

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Sleeping Bags

From Coleman & Big Agres, to Eureka, we have a bag for you. Whether you need a light bag for summer biking or one for the late November camping trip, we’ve got something for you and the family! We’re sure to have a size and style to fit your needs.

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From cast iron to backpacking we have the cookware you need. We have a huge selection of cast iron from Lodge Mfg. 3” fry pans to 6 qt Dutch ovens, griddles and broilers. If you miss cooking with cast iron, check out our selection. GSI graniteware is really nice. You’ve only seen selections like this in catalogs.

We have stoves and cookers from Coleman, Camp Chef, Cajun Cooker and more. Whether you’re feeding one or 50, we have the right stove for your needs.

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A list of common camping equipment starts with tent, first aid kit, hammer, sleeping bag, air mattress, lantern or flashlight, hatchet, fire starter, folding chairs, ropes, tarp, poncho, hiking boots, fishing pole, insect repellant, sunscreen, personal care products, cooler, dried fruit, nuts, jerky, beverages, portable water filter, Dutch oven, frying pan, and/or firewood. Whatever the need, Indian Hill can accommodate you.